We take immense pride in our commitment to minimizing our impact on the environment and embracing the inspiring lessons we can learn from bees.

As a fully remote company, we’ve eliminated the need for brick and mortar, daily commutes, and paper usage, all of which significantly reduce air pollution and our carbon footprint. We are working towards being certified for a net neutral carbon footprint. To further our dedication to the planet, we support bees.

Just as bees embody our core values through their tireless work ethic, remarkable teamwork, and open-minded approach to challenges, we strive to further our dedication to the planet by supporting these amazing pollinators. We’re committed to prioritizing sourcing from bee-friendly restaurants and hotels and educating children and colleagues on the importance of these tiny beings in our lives. We believe that every company has a responsibility to protect the environment and contribute to a more sustainable future, and we’re proud to do our part in these small but meaningful ways, inspired by the incredible world of bees.
The Bumblebee Bonanza
Did you know that bees are responsible for pollinating a third of the food on our plates? That’s right! These tiny superheroes of the insect world play a vital role in maintaining our ecosystems and ensuring our bellies stay full.
The Sticky Situation: Why We Must Be the Bees' Knees
Our fuzzy friends are facing a major crisis, with bee populations dropping at a worrisome pace due to habitat loss, pesticide exposure, and disease. If we don’t act, our ecosystems and food supply are at serious risk. Just imagine a world without bees – many plants would struggle to reproduce, and we’d face a massive food shortage. To turn the tide, we need everyone to join forces, from everyday folks to governments and businesses.
The Bee Brigade: Our Buzzworthy Plan to Rescue & Safeguard Bees
We’ve developed a plan to tackle the dangers bees are up against, including:

Championing bee-friendly eateries and accommodations: We’ll give priority to businesses that embrace bee-friendly practices and pledge to protect our pollinator pals.

Teaching our clients and partners about the wonders of bees: We’ll share enlightening info to raise awareness about the value of bees and the challenges they face.

Embracing bee-inspired values and decision-making in our company: Guided by the principles of bee behavior, such as cooperation, we’ll shape our company’s values and practices.

Buzzing about bees and their conservation on our social media and website: We’ll use our online platforms to spread the word about bees, advocate for their protection, and inspire others to join the cause.
The Sweet Rewards of Safeguarding Our Pollinators
Our collective efforts will make a world of difference for people, businesses, and organizations that depend on bees for food production and thriving ecosystems. Investing in bee protection comes with some pretty amazing perks:

Boosted food production and security: By looking out for bees, we’re securing the pollination of crops that make up a third of our food.

Economic gains: Pollinators, like bees, contribute an astounding $235-$577 billion to the global economy each year.Enhanced ecosystem health: Bees are vital to maintaining biodiversity and keeping ecosystems in tip-top shape.
Royal Buzz: Gauging Our Impact
To assess the effectiveness of our bee-saving campaign, we’ll keep tabs on these benchmarks:

Increasing the count of bee-friendly businesses and organizations we collaborate with.
Shrinking our company’s carbon footprint and achieving net-neutral certification.
Boosting awareness of the crucial role bees play in our ecosystems and food supply.
Gathering feedback from customers and partners regarding our sustainability initiatives.
We’ll evaluate our progress annually and tweak our strategy as needed to make sure we’re doing our part for the environment and our communities.
Believe in a Buzzing Future
Saving bees is fundamental to securing a sustainable future for our environment and food supply. Our objectives include improving bee populations and health, raising awareness about the significance of bees in our ecosystems, and fostering a supply chain that supports bee-friendly practices. By banding together and acting now, we can pave the way for a sustainable future for bees and our planet.

To find out if your bee-friendly event could qualify for free management (up to a $200,000 value), contact us now.

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