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In the not-too-distant past, event management companies guaranteed their clients the best experience, but many fell short of delivering on that commitment. They would overpromise and underdeliver, leaving clients feeling disappointed and unsatisfied. It seemed that finding an event management company that genuinely cared about its clients was a rare and difficult task.
That is until FUSION Performance Group came along. FUSION is a company that truly understands the importance of creating an exceptional experience for their clients. They show people what VIP, white-glove service means and what it looks like to genuinely care. FUSION’s team is made up of experienced professionals passionate about creating memorable events. They are dedicated to understanding their clients’ unique needs and exceeding their expectations.
All who have had the opportunity to work with FUSION are amazed by the level of consideration and thoughtfulness they receive. They are impressed by how FUSION’s team anticipates their needs and ensures everything is attended to before they even have to ask. They realized that saving a bit of money by working with other companies that only promised quality service but ultimately short-changed them was not worth it. From then on, they knew they could trust FUSION to deliver the best experience possible, and they never looked back.
FUSION’s reputation has quickly spread and soon became the go-to event management company for many high-profile clients. Being known for their ability to create truly unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impression has set them apart from other event management companies. FUSION’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail made them the premier choice to this day for creating extraordinary events.”

When things seem impossible – that is when we get to work!

We are passionate about measuring the return on investments in the meetings and incentives industry. We believe that the industry is full of companies saying they conduct ROI analysis, but when you look under the hood, they are only scratching the surface. We create a modular approach to metrics so that the depth of analytics grows with our client’s appetite for knowledge and change. We have decades of experience within our leadership team alone, consulting, planning, measuring and executing corporate meetings and incentive trips, not to mention our expert staff, contractors and partners.

We pride ourselves on the boutique nature of our company and we put our heart and soul into every project, offering flexibility not found in many firms.

We have built strong and trusting relationships with every type of supplier in the business, from the PhDs guiding the ROI analysis to the ground transportation that will provide a painless transfer for you and your participants. We are uniquely prepared for the unexpected, we pay attention to every detail, we get results and we don’t mess it up.
Kent Cisewski
Chief Executive Officer
After gathering more than 25 years of experience in the meeting and incentive planning industry, Kent Cisewski envisioned and has successfully delivered a unique industry approach by offering clients a fresh, smart and results-driven perspective on high visibility meeting and incentive investments.
He created FUSION Performance Group, a boutique firm that works with thought leader companies and stakeholders who want to take total control of every aspect of maximizing and measuring meeting and incentive ROI. FUSION’s unique approach of challenging the status quo and thinking differently is based upon the belief that a ‘New Mindset = New Results’.
Tanya Anderson Perry
Vice President
Tanya Anderson Perry is a results-driven executive who has spent her entire career working in the world of Fortune 500 companies. She has held global leadership roles in sales, marketing and product development. She believes that the future of business is data-driven and has a passion for getting measurable improvements. Perry’s skills and experience are a brilliant match with FUSION Performance Group’s unique approach helping thought leader companies and stakeholders challenge the status quo and think differently.

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